About Jody Rebarchak 

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Jody Rebarchak has been active in her community for years. She is a familiar sight at school board meetings and booster activities, and in the classroom as a parent volunteer. Jody is also an active member of the Kiwanis, the local service organization that specializes in working with children. 

​Elected three times as a Susquehanna Township Commissioner, she has served as both Vice President of the Board and the Budget Chair. Jody knows how to work with residents and state & local officials in both parties to get things done. She listens to her neighbors, learns the facts, and goes to work to make her community better while holding the line on taxes. Jody understands people are frustrated by the same old politics in the state legislature.

The old ways – no limits on campaign contributions, legislators bankrolled by special interest lobbyists who write their bills for them, and district borders drawn by incumbents to ensure their reelection over 90% of the time – truly amount to “taxation without representation”.

This must change now! Change it by helping to elect Jody Rebarchak to represent us in the State House. We can count on her to keep fighting for our children, our families, and our communities.